California homebuyers now have the option to live in their new home for 30 months and then, if they need to sell for any reason, have the next 30 months to sell their house to Equassure for the same price they paid, regardless of market conditions.

If you’re selling your home, include 30Thirty in the sales price to incentivize buyers by establishing that your home is really worth the asking price. If you’re buying, simply include 30Thirty in your offer as a way of protecting yourself from overpaying.

When you purchase your new home, Equassure will be paid a small one-time option fee out of proceeds at the close of escrow and you will be issued a 30Thirty Option. Then move in and enjoy your new home for the next 30 months, secure in the knowledge that if you have to sell, you have a money-back option.

If you need to exercise 30Thirty, simply sign the standard California Association of Realtors (“CAR”) Residential Purchase Agreement attached to the 30Thirty option to open escrow and begin the sales process.You can be sure the transaction will go as smoothly as it did when you purchased your home.

30Thirty protects your downside by locking in the minimum sales price at the price you paid. And if home prices go up, you can sell your home on the open market and keep all of the profits.